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Estimating an object

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Please give your contact details and a description of the object. Include several photos of the object from different angles and then upload each photo via the "add a photo" box.

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Selling an object by auction

To sell an art work or a collection "to the highest bidder", there is nothing like a public auction. Besch Cannes Auction provides services - and guarantees - to help achieve the best possible result. For example, the seller is provided with a contract, called a "sales order", including the description of the object, the reserve price, the commission, etc.


Estimating the value of an object is one of the primordial aspects of an auction. A reasonable estimate is a guarantee of encouraging bidders to take an interest in the object and to take part in the bidding; an estimate that is too high may well prove to be dissuasive, and you will run the risk of not selling the object.

Reserve price

The reserve price is the price set by contract between the seller and Besch Cannes Auction, below which the object will not be sold. According to the law, the lowest estimate given in the catalogue cannot be lower than the reserve price. Setting this price, therefore, is an important step.


Commissions vary between 10 and 20% of the "hammer price". Commissions are given in the sales order and generally include, in addition to our services, the various expenses undertaken (assessment, catalogue, advertising, etc.). Please note that taxes must be added, if applicable, and resale rights, if they are required.

To include lots in our sales, please contact master Jean-Pierre BESCH by phone : +33 493 993 349 by fax : +33 493 993 003 by email :

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