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Selling an object

Each year since 1989, BESCH CANNES AUCTION has provided a national and international clientele, collectors and professionals with over 30 catalogued auctions, either in Cannes, Monaco or elsewhere in France, and all broadcast live on the internet.

Jean-Pierre BESCH and the team of specialists are available to answer any questions on 04 93 99 33 49 or by e-mail.


Our estimations are free and confidential.

To make an estimation of your works of art or wines before offering them for auction, you can:

  • Send your photographs
    by e-mail:
    Please use the form HERE
  • Bring your objects to the auction house: Les Jardins du Grand Hôtel 45 La Croisette 06400 Cannes
    Information on 04 93 99 33 49 / 04 93 99 22 60
  • Make an appointment with Mr Besch or one of the specialists at your home
  • Come to the free expert assessment days (schedule on request or in "News" section on our website)


The inventory is carried out onsite by Mr Besch, Auctioneer, with the help of specialists, and confirmed by a written document.

As a Licensed Auctioneer, Mr Jean-Pierre BESCH is authorised to carry out inventories in relation to inheritance, estate settlements, solidarity tax on wealth (I.S.F) and administrative supervision, and to help solicitors in their work, all over France (domestic jurisdiction).

The inventory is also made to determine the value of a collection for insurance purposes or before a sale; when the inventory is followed by an auction, it is carried out free of charge.

Buying an object


BESCH CANNES AUCTION provides clients with a catalogue for each specialised auction, containing descriptions and illustrations of the works on sale. The catalogues include the place, date and time of the exhibition of objects to be sold. The catalogues and auction schedule can be found online on our website.

The printed versions of the catalogues are available on request. You can receive an electronic version of the catalogues in the specialities you are interested in by post by registering HERE.

Bidding for an object

Customers should consult the general purchasing conditions in the catalogues.

Purchases must be paid for outright. The highest and final bidder is the successful buyer and must pay for the object outright. In addition to the sum bid, buyers must also pay the commission shown in the purchasing conditions.

Paying for purchases

Buyers can pay for their purchase(s):

  • By bank transfer.
  • By Visa or MasterCard credit cards on presentation of proof of identity. The identity of the cardholder must be the same as the buyer.
  • In cash for individual buyers for amounts up to 1 000 euros, including commission and taxes.
  • By cheque on presentation of proof of identity.

Information to buyers and purchase orders

For bidders unable to be present at the auction, a purchase order can be sent via this website or by fax or e-mail. BESCH CANNES AUCTION will act on behalf of the bidder, according to the instructions contained in the purchase order. Purchase orders are a service offered to customers, and BESCH CANNES AUCTION cannot be held responsible for failure to carry out an order due to an error or for any other reason.

Information given by BESCH CANNES AUCTION concerning the existence of restoration work or an accident affecting the auction lot, is provided to make inspection of the object easier for individual buyers, and this information is subject to buyers’ own assessment.
The absence of any mention of restoration work or an accident in the catalogue, in reports or orally, by no means implies that an object is exempt from any past, present or repaired defect.

Conversely, the mention of a particular defect does not imply the absence of other defects.

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