How to make a valuation of an item?

Estimates are free and confidential. So as to get a valuation of an object of art or some bottles of wines aimed at being sold through auctions, you can :

  • Send pictures by mail at (or through the form on line). We answer all the requests.

  • Bring your items in our office situated in Les Jardins du Grand Hôtel 45 La Croisette – Cannes 06400. We advise you to contact us before to fix an appointment dialing 00.33.(0) or 00.33.(0)

  • Fix an appointment at your home with Maître Besch or one of his experts

  • Fix an appointment at your bank safe with Maître Besch or one of his experts

  • Join our days of free estimates: We communicate the dates of these events in our newsletters, on our website, in the local, national and specialized newspapers and magazines dedicated to the auction market.

Why and how do we make an inventory?

Inventories are made on the premises by Maître Besch, Auctioneer. Assisted by experts or specialists, they result in a written document.

As a legal auctioneer, Maître Jean-Pierre Besch is able to make inventories for successions, divisions and supervisions, and to assist notaries in their missions, everywhere in France (National Competence).

An inventory can also be established so as to get an estimate of a collection to cover it with an insurance or to sell through auctions.

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