How to bid ?

  • By filling bid orders :

A bid order form is on line : you just have to fill it and send it back to us with the required documents. We bid for you by gradual stages up to your limit. BESCH CANNES AUCTION cannot be liable for having missed an order by mistake or for any other reason. If you cannot fill in the form, we accept written orders by mail or by post with an identity card or passport and bank references.

  • By connecting yourselves on live platforms on the main auction websites :

We regularly collaborate with and The websites on which the auctions are live are automatically mentioned in our catalogues. We focus on the fact that some websites bill extra costs. We advise you to refer to their sales conditions.

Encherir en salle

  • By bidding in the saleroom :

Once in the saleroom, to participle in the auction, you need to subscribe thanks to an identity card or passport and a means of payment (credit card or cheque). We will give you a pad which will allow you to bid “by a show of hands”.

  • By phone :

You can provide us the list of the lots you are interested in through a written document and we will contact you a few minutes before the beginning of the auction on the lots concerned. The subscription has to be done with an idendity card or passport, bank details, a phone number and your full address.

Bid orders and phone lines have to reach us at least 24 hours before the beginning of the auction. After that deadline, they will not be accepted.

In addition to the auction price, the purchaser will have to pay extra costs (the buyer's premium) which depend on the department. They are indicated in the Terms of Sale.

How to consult the sales catalogues ?

The sales catalogues are on line in our website 2 to 3 weeks before the auctions. We send alert messages to all our customers registered in our database through newsletters.

For the ones who have preferences, we send the printed catalogues by post without extra charges.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter or to contact us by mail at so as to receive our catalogues.

How and where to withdraw your purchases ?

Once the full payment made (final price and extra costs), all the purchases can be withdrawn.

  • For the buyers in the saleroom, the lots can be withdrawn at the end of the auction, except for the wines (Contact us for more information).
  • In the days that follow the auction, it is possible to take your purchases in our office or in our warehouse, after contacting us for a fixed appointment.

For the buyers who cannot come to collect their goods, we can send the items once the costs validated are settled. All our costs estimates are personalized.

  • We deliver the lots to your home, throughout France and Monaco, through our assigned carrier.
  • For deliveries outside France requiring administrative procedures, we call on specialized carriers.
  • We also request the services of the post office and private couriers.

We pay particular attention to the optimal packaging conditions.

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