Since a few years, Asian arts are a real source of enthusiasm. The market is very selective, mainly targeted to a clientele of collectors and good connoisseurs for most of them foreigners and mainly Asians.

Contrary to a popular belief, Europe is rich in Asian objects. This type of art was already very valued in the XIX° and beginning of the XX° century. Brought by the world exhibitions of 1878, 1889 and 1900, is it necessary to remind that it has inspired lots of our western artists, cabinet makers and creators?

Zao Wou Ki

All the periods (old and contemporary) and all the objects are concerned: corals, china, calligraphies, sculptures, furniture, bronze and ivory figures…coming mainly from China, Japan and Vietnam. Their common point: a great refinement.

Without forgetting the painting from the XX° with the masters such as Zao Wu Ki, Vu Cao Dam, Chu Teh Chun, Le Pho…

Depending on the origin and the object, we appeal to a network of experts and specialized offices. Our main contacts are: Cabinet Portier & Associés (Madam Alice Jossaume) – Specialists of the far eastern arts since 1909, and Mister Hekking, specialist of Asian arts.

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