In the 1990’s, Jean-Pierre Besch meets Pascal Kuzniewski, executive banker in Monaco and wine lover. He intends to develop the department dedicated to wines targeting a clientele of enthusiast amateurs, few auction houses being specialized in this field. After a few years of collaboration in parallel of a busy professional life, Pascal Kuzniewski leaves his position as private banking manager to devote himself to his passion. Even if he confesses 2 passions: the “Champagne” area, where he was born, and Burgundy, where he goes regularly, he remains a tough and demanding field man who does not hesitate to travel through all the French wine areas (Bordeaux, Alsace, Rhône valley…) and foreign wine areas (Italy, Spain, Switzerland). He is one of the first wine expert approved by the Sales Council and one of the best connoisseurs of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. His two dimensions atypical career (in Finance and Wines) makes him a man able of providing wise and personalized advice based on pleasure or investment objectives, or both. Recognized expert and bonded by many wine houses, he has been contributing to the renown of the auction house for more than 20 years.


Regularly listed in the Worldwide Top Ten Auction Houses by the magazine “The world of Fine Wine”, Besch Cannes Auction is ranked number 1 of the French wine Auction houses (live / in the auction rooms). A dozen auctions dedicated to fine wines and rare and old spirits are organized each year.

How do we inspect a bottle?

At first, all the bottles are seen on the spot, in the cellars of the sellers. Storage conditions are thus all verified to allow better traceability for buyers while maintaining a maximum discretion for sellers. In a second time, the bottles are checked one per one following a detailed and strict process:

  • The level of the wine: neck, base neck, top shoulder, high shoulder, mid shoulder, low shoulder, below low shoulder Expertise - Pascal Kuzniewski

  • The label: lightly damaged, damaged or torn, heavily damaged, lightly dirty, dirty or faded, stained, nicked or trace moisture, tattered, no label

  • The neck label: damaged or torn, dirty, no vintage neck label

  • Caps: lightly damaged, damaged or cut, lightly dirty, corroded, dirty, no capsule, sign of seepage

  • The cork, when it is possible

This process is applied whatever the capacity of the bottle (half bottle, bottle, magnum, double magnum, jeroboam, imperial, mathusalem, or bigger size). When the expert considers it appropriate, he may comment on the appearance of the wine and the content of the bottles. We also take into account the quality of the vintage, the story and past of the bottle and of the wine, as well as the market trends. All these parameters generate significantly different quotes for bottles containing the same wine and the same vintage.

Expert answers :

Is wine a safe investment or a speculative tool?

At the beginning, wine is more a safe investment than a speculative tool, but the high demand for some specific wines has changed the situation.

What tips can you give to buy wines at auctions?

You have to take into account what you like and your budget without excluding the pleasure of discovering new wines. It is important to consult the wines catalogue, to contact the expert to get the necessary information before buying and make the right choice.

Why should you consign your wines with us ?

The trust of our buyers and sellers has been growing for 20 years:

  • All the bottles are first appraised in their cellar and then in the storage room. They are all photographed to provide a maximum transparency
  • For 20 years, we have been working with the same dedicated team trained in handling and transporting these valuable nectars
  • We have a secure storage warehouse specially equipped with a cold room for good wine conservation
  • All of our catalogues are accurately written indicating all the characteristics of each bottle according to the same methodology
  • All our luxurious catalogues are available online on our website and on specialized national and international websites, with pictures for each lot
  • We have a large file of loyal customers, amateurs and professionals, French and foreign
  • We travel throughout France and abroad without commitment and with discretion

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