From impressionist to modern art :

In spite of a classic education and an education by his father who was an antique dealer, Jean-Pierre Besch is nevertheless a specialist and an addicted of the art of the XX° century, positioning Besch Cannes Auction as a reference on the art market since 1989.

From Impressionists to Modern art, through Fauvism, the School of Paris, the post war and after war periods, surrealism, cubism: we give you the opportunity to discover all these amazing paintings periods 3 times a year thanks to our auctions. A wide range of artistic and ideologic movements and of their most famous representatives.

Maurice Utrillo - Le lapin agile All our auctions are preceded by exhibitions. That is how in their reserved spaces and under strict supervision, you can admire side by side Eugène Boudin, Auguste Rodin, Armand Guillaumin, Félix Ziem, Thomas Ender, Picasso, Claude Monet, Gustave Loiseau, Maurice Utrillo, Charles Camoin, Gen Paul, Bernard Buffet, Marie Laurencin, Maurice Vlaminck, Kees Van Dongen, Salvador Dali, Amedeo Modigliani, Marc Chagall, Johan-Barthold Jongking, Raoul Dufy, Léopold Survage, André Groult, André Lhote, Henri Lebasque, André Derain, André Brasilier, Edouard Léon Cortes, Antoniucci Volti, Gustave Adolphe Mossa, Joseph Czaky, Maximilien Luce, François Pompon, Marcus Lupertz, Alexandre Roubtzoff, Jean-Gabriel Domergue…Paintings and sculptures are being staged so as to let each one the time of the observation and criticism.

Let us remember that our area is rich of a vast cultural past: all the greatest artists have stayed in the South of France. Lots of them have let treasures that are found over the years.

Rodin Bacchantes enlacées

The works offered for the auctions are museum quality such as the sale of a cast of Rodin coming from a descendant of Monet. Auctioned for the first time, it has been bought for 108 000 € by the Marmottan Museum in Paris. Institutions are indeed regularly present in our auctions, next to individual buyers.

Bernard BUFFET Nature morte au panier de poires

Paintings and sculptures come from individuals, private local collections as these 3 paintings from Bernard BUFFET which have generated more than 307000€ in April 2019. These real treasures are kept from generations to generations and given to us as a sign of great confidence.

Besch Cannes Auction is ranked in the Top 25 of the auction houses on the French art market.

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