Presentation of the department

Fascinated by collection cars, Jean-Pierre Besch has wished to develop this department, surrounding himself by a performing team and a network able to offer him the rarest and most sought-after models. Organized once a year as a “garden party” in the park of the Grand Hôtel in Cannes, it takes place between May and July. Not far from Monaco and its Grand Prix (Historical once every two years), the event attracts curious and passionate people, all under the charm of the place of the exhibition (facing the Mediterranean sea). Race cars with records, pre-war and post-war collection cars and motorcycles, young timers feature regularly in our auctions.

How does it work ?

Auctions are certainly the more spectacular and publicized way to sell a collection car. Here are all the answers to the questions you may have:

Porsche 2012 911

Where do the cars come from?

Anybody can sell a car through auctions: individuals passionate of mechanics, amateurs but also professionals.

How can I get an estimate of my car?

First of all, the best is to contact us so as to indicate us the type of model you want to sell giving us all the essential information: brand, age, mileage, motorization…with some pictures of the vehicle so as to provide you a first estimate. Secondly, our expert takes an appointment with you aiming at making an accurate expertise of the vehicle and sharpening the given estimates.

After the auction, how and when can I take the vehicle?

Once the auction completed, the buyer must settle the entire bill by a wire transfer or a cashier’s check and insure the vehicle. In the meantime, the vehicle is kept and parked in a secure deposit with our dedicated partner.

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