Impressionist Paintings & Modern Art

All the major artistic movements from 1880 to the mid-20th are represented: Impressionism, Pointillism, Naïve Art, the School of Paris and all the way through to Outsider Art. The major names in 20th century painting figure alongside regional artists such as the south of France painters Jean-Baptiste Olive, Montézin, Brayer and Chabaud or the Pont Aven School with Ferdinand du Puigaudeau. Thanks to our auctions,  Art of the 20th century is within your reach. 

Free estimates, at your home or by appointment.

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Contemporary Art

Each year, the Contemporary Art department organises four auctions in the Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez in Cannes. These prestigious events are devoted to major contemporary and post-war artists

Hans HARTUNG, François-Xavier LALANNE, Pierre COMBAS, ZAO WOUKI, CHU TEH CHUN, Bernard VENET, Peter KLASEN, Antoni, Lanskoy, and the School of Nice, represented, in particular, by Cesar, Ben, Arman and Sosno. Auctions are organised in association with the Modern Art and Design departments.

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The major names in 20th century sculpture figure prominently in our catalogues: from an artistic "Rose de France" vase by E. Gallé, about 1900, via Modigliani, Rodin, Dali and Volti, while not forgetting the Contemporaries, with world records for the "Stone Sheep" by Lalanne. Auctions are organised in association with the Modern and Contemporary Art departments.

Free estimates, at your home or by appointment.

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Coins & Gold Bars

BESCH CANNES AUCTION evaluates and auctions coins and gold bars that are listed on the markets and owned by private individuals or following an inheritance; our Auction House will take care of all the legal and tax procedures on behalf of our customers, with a specific commission.

BESCH CANNES AUCTION, assisted by a team of specialists, organises the sale of vintage coins, and has acquired a major reputation, notably through the sale of a collection from the  French Royal Mint for a total of almost two million euros. The catalogues of these two auctions have become a reference in the field.

Free estimates, at your home or by appointment.

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Furniture & Art Objects - Vintage Paintings

From a family of antiques dealers, Jean-Pierre Besch has always loved classical art, even though it has been neglected by the markets. Furniture and art objects feature in our catalogues, and after research and evaluation, rare furniture has been discovered and has broken records: almost €50 000 for a chest of drawers by the Grenoble cabinetmakers HACHE, and €60 000 for a 19th century dresser made by DASSON.

BESCH CANNES AUCTION is specialized in organising auctions on the premises in noble residences or châteaux  - major events followed by large numbers of collectors.

Free estimates, at your home or by appointment

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The "Jewellery" department, together with the "Watches" department, organises six annual events, including four Prestige auctions, with jewellery ranging from the 13th century to today.

These auctions present such major jewellers as Chaumet, Boucheron, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, as well as the famous names in ART DECO: Boivin and Lalique.

We ask gemology laboratories to draw up certificates for diamonds, coloured gemstones and fine pearls to establish their original qualities accurately and sell them at a fair price.

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Art Nouveau - Art Deco - Design

Alongside auctions of decorative arts objects, from the Renaissance to the 20th century, from Europe to Asia, and not forgetting Russia, Besch Cannes Auction highlights the major names in Art Nouveau and Art Deco, with the master glass-makers GALLE, DAUM and LALIQUE, as well as the sculptor CHIPARUS.

We are available to give a free estimate of your works of art, paintings and furniture (1900 – 1950), and at our specialised auctions taking place six times a year at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes.

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Sports and Vintage Cars

Each year in mid-July, the Vintage Cars department holds a "Garden Party" auction in the gardens of the Grand Hotel on La Croisette in Cannes for Sports and Vintage Cars. This very wide-ranging auction includes prize-winning racing cars, pre- and post-war vintage cars and motor bikes, while not forgetting the "Young Timers".

Free estimate for onsite auction, by photo.

Catalogue deadline: beginning of June.

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Wines and Spirits

Specialised in the sale of Prestige Wines for over 20 years and ranked in the "Top Ten" for world sales, Besch Cannes Auction provides estimates and advice from the renowned specialist Pascal KUZNIEWSKI, with a loyal national and worldwide clientele, and international advertising.

The "Wines" department organises six prestige auctions a year. We give estimates everywhere in France and abroad for your wine cellars and individual bottles.

Please see the "Wines" section for additional information: calendar, results and news.

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Asian Art

Since 1989 BESCH CANNES AUCTION has organised auctions dedicated to the Arts of the Far East (China, India and Southeast Asia) from Antiquity  to the present day. Thanks to the success of these auctions, we now have a regularly updated list of international amateurs, collectors and professionals.

Our auction house is looking for Chinese Art, with ceramics from the TANG dynasties to the period of the Republic of China, jade objects and ornaments - with the  QUIENLONG period being the most prized - paintings from the TANG dynasty to modern painting, as well as sculptures, ritual objects and thankga paintings from Tibet and Nepal.

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Vintage, Fashion & Accessories

Three times a year, the "Fashion and Accessories" department organises specialised auctions of over 200 luxury luggage items, including bags by HERMES, CHANEL, VUITION, DIOR, and fashion designer jewellery, while not forgetting vintage accessories.

With the assistance of the "Chombert and Sternbach" firm of experts, we welcome you to our offices for free assessments, and also by e-mail with your photos to or by post.

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Besch Cannes Auction , facing a very demanding market , has developed a department " collection of watches ," entrusted to Mr Olivier Santini, Expert.

This specialty requires a certain rigor of quality and seriousness, all watches are appraised in detail , checking movements ( running , serial numbers , etc.), search archives for some models.

The catalogs are made with great attention to detail in order to offer customers more and demanding , the maximum information and safety.

Our expert is available to estimate your watches by appointment .

Several free expertise days in our offices are planned for the year to our five annual sales.

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