Jean-Pierre Besch

Born in Mâcon on February 3, 1957 in a family of antique dealers, Jean-Pierre Besch starts his career of auctioneer in Lyon where he works from 1987 to 1989. He is named legal auctioneer in 1987.

In 1989, he moves to the French Riviera and collaborate a dozen of years with 2 associates before founding BESCH CANNES AUCTION in 2002.

To differentiate himself from the Parisian market, he organizes his first public auctions in August, an inactive period in the capital. Adopting the concept of a former auctioneer of the 1970’s, he decides to organize the auctions in a place more opened to individuals than a classic Auction House : The Palm Beach Cannes. This touristic place rich of a great history holds his auctions from 1989 till 1992, before taking place in the Hotel Martinez in 1993. At the same time, he chooses 2 other under-exploited annual meetings: Christmas and Easter. A calendar that will expand over the years with the auctions of the months of July and October/November.

This man born in Burgundy is proud of his origins and dedicates a real passion to beautiful works of arts : to their discovery and their history. His real pleasure is to find private collections of objects which have a soul and hold on to attractive anecdotes.

Initially a generalist of the 18th century furniture, the evolution of his activity led him to devote himself to painting and sculpture of the 20th century. He easily confesses not to be a specialist of everything and to surround himself with famous experts in the other departments: wines, watches, jewels, vintage, Asian art…He likes to compare himself to a general practitioner who backs up with specialists to refine his diagnosis.

For him, the preparation of each auction is the most exciting and decisive moment, because it is at the origin of encounters as diverse as fascinating, the human side remaining the real pepper of this profession. Referee between sellers and buyers, so that both parts are winners, he looks forward to each new vacation to be covered by the thrill of auctions.

Besch Cannes Auction

Besch Cannes Auction : an Auction House in the top 30 of the most important French Auction Houses

For many years, Jean-Pierre Besch, Auctioneer, has been able to retain a French and international clientele, up to the point of making it a reference in the field of prestige auctions.

The remarkable results of the sales of Modern Paintings, Contemporary Art, Great Wines, Jewelry, Watches, Vintage and other specialties have confirmed BESCH CANNES AUCTION as one of the major actors of the art market.

Besch Cannes Auction has been ranked :

  • N°1 in France as independent for wines since 2016
  • N°11 in France for jewelry in 2018
  • N°14 in France on the art market in 2022

Our strength :

  • An important database of French and international customers made up of private connoisseurs, amateurs or enthusiasts, companies, museums, associations, private collectors
  • Regular sales in one of the best luxury hotels of Cannes
  • Experts and firms of experts recognized on the market
  • A dedicated promotion/communication budget
  • High quality catalogues
  • A team happy to listen to you
  • A proved and recognized professionalism

Compared to more important and impersonal structures, our strength is in keeping our local identity and responsibility.

A family structure

Our Auction House is made of a highly available, flexible and deeply invested team: A company with a human size, of proximity, which gives priority to personalized contacts.

They have been with us for many years, discreet but efficient :

  • Stéfanie Marro: Assistant to Maître Besch since 2002, she is your main contact in our premises or in the salerooms, concerned with customer satisfaction and the good organization of the events
  • Andrea Samuel : In charge of the accountancy, she looks after the good management of the House and makes us benefit from all her skills in computer science and foreign languages.
  • Karine Berthoumeyrie

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