Covering such a large period is always an enchantment: 2 to 3 times a year, we do not hide our pleasure to share with you nearly 140 years of the most creative part of our history. Some eclectic auctions that mix glassworks, ceramics, graphic works, furniture of well-known artists and famous decoration houses.

For this department, we collaborate with Marc LALLEMENT, specialized expert in works of art and collection.

Art Nouveau :

“Art Nouveau” also named “1900 style” is an artistic movement that appears at the end of the XIX° century and that grows up to the beginning of the XX° century. It gets its inspiration in the nature, is characterized by the repetition of elements that take flowers, leaves and animals as models. It is a decorative art that aims at bringing poetry and sensitivity to every day’s life. A style rich in ornements.

Focus on the Master glass makers :

Over the years, Besch Cannes Auction has become a reference regarding Decorative Arts from the XX° century by realizing exceptional auctions, even records, on the three great Masters: Daum, Gallé, Lalique.

Emile Galle - La feuille rongée

Emile Gallé (1846-1904) enjoyed an early success and his creations both delicate and refined are still today particularly sought after by worldwide collectors. Passionate about botany, he focuses on floral motives. Our record auction at 226 000 € for “La feuille rongée” is even more remarkable as it is considered by Gallé as one of the 22 of its more accomplished works. It presents all the technical, artistical, poetical, philosophical and visionary qualities of his work. As far as it is concerned, the vase named “Roses de France” made around 1900 has been auctioned 181 975€.

René Lalique (1860-1945), glass maker who worked for the most famous perfumers, is part of the cultural environment of our area, due to its close proximity and our relationships with Grasse. Some results : René Lalique bottle of perfume not marketed (138 000€), René Lalique Molinard Bottle of perfume “Le baiser du faune" (24 475€) , Bottle of perfume Roger & Gallet "Flausa" (13 180€)…

Maison Daum from Nancy is since 1878 a great partner of the most famous artists, realizing their most important works in sculptures of crystal. Mixing art and craftmanship, it gives birth at creations that last for generations and make part of a unique heritage. Such as the vase “Sorbier des Oiseleurs” auctioned 115 450 €.

Art Deco :

Art Deco also known as “1925 style” comes after the Art Nouveau period from 1910 till 1930. Contrary to the curves and arabesques of its predecessor, it focuses on a more geometrical and cleanest design. It concerns the architecture but also all sorts of artistic objects and items from every day’s life. Held in Paris in 1925 in the “World wide exhibition of decorative and modern industrial arts”, it takes place during the historical period of the “Années folles”.

Design :

Moutons de Lalanne It concerns an artistic trend that developed in the XX° century. It aims at creating objects both functional and beautiful and that can be realized in a high volume through an industrial production. It has evolved to trends more functional and towards a more fanciful style in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Over the past decade, the market has been sparking interest. Design auctions are now particularly led by French creators and the emergence of new “classics”. Contemporary and design furniture is booming.

Our world record of the auction of 2 sheep and 2 lambs realized by François-Xavier Lalanne at 367 220€ shows our reference on the market (Worlwide record 1997 edition for the sheep of the lot 209 : 164 700€).

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