Just after Modern Art, Contemporary Art covers all the works of art realized after 1945 or by an artist still alive, what ever the style and the esthetic practice. It nevertheless mainly concerns visual arts. Opened to the imagination, far from the precise representations, it allows everyone to interpret in one’s way, without any right or wrong perceptions.

Very often synonymous to a “coup de coeur” purchase, it remains an investment particularly efficient on the long term.

Paintings, pictures, sculptures…the mediums are numerous for a clientele willing to get a refined interior decoration. But if contemporary art is very attractive for individuals and private collectors, it is also very popular among companies, museums, galleries and publicly founded organizations.

Sam Francis SFM82-235

The market gives the opportunity to buy art works from famous artists and easy to obtain for a public of amateurs and collectors.

Contemporary Art is both a speculative and artistic purchase.

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