Real links with French history, antique furniture and old art objects from before 1860 allow us to materialize the past.

They are the witnesses of a technical know-how almost disappeared and forgotten and of an imaged vocabulary : ebony veneer, inlaid wood, leafy scrolls, scrolls and acanthus leaves, gilded black moroccan top with small iron, frieze of godrons and spandrels.

Commode dite Mazarine

Both useful and prestigious, very often made for wealthy sponsors, they are mainly bought by well informed collectors and museums.

They require deep researches and an accurate archival work. It is a field where the word “expertise” makes sense. An exciting department of the art market !

Nice discoveries have allowed us to obtain records : nearly 50 000€ for a chest of drawers from the cabinet maker HACHE from Grenoble or 60 000€ for a sideboard from the XIX° century stamped DASSON.

We work in collaboration with Cabinet Turquin, Mister Stéphane PINTA being our main contact.

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