Renault 4CV

Renault 4CV
Renault 4CV
Luxury version type R 1062 with an opening roof

The Renault 4CV, from the French manufacturer Renault, is a car designed by Fernand Picard and Edmond Serre, two engineers from Renault.

The first three hundred copies of the 4 CV did not leave the newly equipped chain until August 17, 1947, on Seguin Island. Just in time to deliver the car dealers and join the 1947 Show, where the popular craze is confirmed. Small, round and painted in yellow because the only color available was a stock of paint recovered as war damage from the Africakorps, the 4 CV immediately inherits the nickname of «motte de beurre» (Stick of butter). However, it was going to attract the sympathy of a new population of buyers, the one who, with paid holidays and despite poor means, discovers the delights of the great departures on vacation. Orders poured in immediately, but delivery times lengthened, reaching almost a year in 1950. From 1949, two versions are available : the normal version and the luxury version with more complete equipment. As early as 1948, a commercial model appeared in the only black colour and in 1949 the 4 CV reached its 300 units every day. At the end of March, there are more than 37000 cars on our roads. It is then the most sold car. In 1950, the success of the Renault 4 CV is undeniable, but delivery times are getting longer and production capacity cannot be increased. The 4 CV now has six models in the catalogue. (including the Great Luxury, convertible, Open Roof). Popular success is such that prices soar but the 4 CV continues to be produced relentlessly changing its power. In 1952, the French economic situation remained delicate but the 4 CV continued to sell and production increased. In 1953, the manufactory of Flins IS inaugurated so that the 4 CV could continue its career. The 500000th 4 CV is assembled in April 1954. The Régie RENAULT will continue the production of the 4 CV in the following years until 1961, and the production will stop at 1105547 units, the first record of its kind for a French car.

The 4 CV will be, for nearly fifteen years, the main model marketed by Renault.

This luxury version type R 1062 with sunroof was built between 15 October 1957 and 30 September 1958 and registered in Alpes Maritimes N° 591 FN 06 between the end of 1957 and the end of 1958.

Very healthy but stopped for several years, the car requires a mechanical overhaul.

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