"Romeda, with variable geometry" - La Gazette Drouot

Bruno Romeda (1933-2017)
Bruno Romeda (1933-2017)
Circle, 2017

Died two years ago, Bruno Romeda will once again be present in Cannes with three sculptures, testimonies of his work on geometric shapes and matter.

On the August 15th auction, also at Besch Cannes Auction OVV, a 2009 Bronze Circle with green patina, measuring 216 cm in height, was awarded 100400€. A record prize for this Italian artist (from Brescia), who lived in a house in Grasse, since 1956, with his companion the American architect and plastic artist Robert Courtright, met in Rome at the art school they both attended. «What can we say of Romeda, if we do not take into account the fascination of the emptiness to which he has never stopped yielding and which he imposes from the outset as a mirror», the critic Pierre Restany of his work said.

To give shape to his geometric figures, Romeda uses an assembly of branches, sticks and wood ends, which he melts in bronze afterwards. Its forms are elementary, almost primitive, essentially round in the image of this Circle, a unique piece acquired by its current owner directly from the artist, but also quadrilateral and triangles such as a Square, in bronze with antique green patina of 2 meters in height (35000/40000€) and a Triangle, of 1992, in bronze with antique green patina (h. 234,5 cm, same estimate), both from the Manhattan villa, in Mougins, former property of a friend of the couple, the jazzman Bobby Short.

This raw and natural aspect intensifies the search for full and empty, playing on the bevelled contours of the bronze, so fine and discreet that one can doubt its volume. The sculpture merges with the drawing, when the shadows carried by the structure reveal traces on the floor. Bruno Romeda applies this creative principle to furniture, seats, tables and seats, which he also creates in bronze and exhibits at the Parisian gallery Dutko. The artist is also represented in institutions around the world such as the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Kasama Nichido Museum of Art in Japan, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Nice and the Robert College in Istanbul.


Bruno Romeda (1933-2017), Circle, 2017, bronze with green patina, signed and dated, stamp of the foundry Fondart Valbrembo, 220 x 232 x 7 cm.

Estimate : 45000/50000€


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