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Jan Van GOYEN (1596 -1656)
Jan Van GOYEN (1596 -1656)
Sold : 106675€

On Saturday August 15, Besch Cannes Auction organised a sale of prestigious works of art at the Palm Beach in Cannes, attracting a great deal of interest from international collectors. A painting has created the surprise : «River estuary with sailing boats and fishermen» by Jan Van Goyen (1596-1656) soared to 106675€, twice its low estimate.

Little known in France, this landscape painter inscribed his name in the Golden Age of Dutch painting. This inlaid panel, dated 1653 and presenting a maritime landscape, provides a beautiful illustration of his art, with a cloudy sky on a monochrome background, which confers a rare atmosphere to the work.

Famous in his time, Jan Van Goyen influenced the landscape painters of his century. The artist, very prolific, made 1200 paintings and more than a thousand drawings during his lifetime.

Also an art dealer and auctioneer, he also speculated on tulips, considered at the time as precious and true symbols of luxury, and ended up being heavily indebted. He died ruined at 60 after having to sell his collection of paintings...

Other paintings were very successful during the sale. Among them, an oil on canvas by Bernard Buffet (1928 - 1999), «Flowers on a green background», dated 1998, was awarded 97900€, while a painting by Henri Lebasque "Girls in the Clearing", sold 51455€. Paintings that are now the property of happy anonymous collectors.

Laurence GUIDICELLI - Article published in Nice Matin on August 30, 2020

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