Press release - Sales results for December 30 & 31, 2021

Sold : 169 420 €

Among the major works, it is appropriate to mention Marie Laurencin (1883-1956). Alternately a painter, engraver, poet and illustrator, this exceptional creator combined her multiple talents throughout her life. Influenced, it is true, in her early years by movements as intense as Fauvism and even Cubism, she eventually broke away from them to produce compositions of extreme delicacy as shown by "Les trois femmes au lévrier", an oil on canvas signed in the lower left-hand corner which was sold for 97900€ (lot 157); a painting in which the pastel tones that were particularly dear to the author predominate.

Also influenced by Fauvism but also by Impressionism and Cubism, Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) appreciated more intense colours. His preference was often for the use of an intense blue, as shown in "Regattas at Cowes" (sold for €102900 - lot 139), an oil on canvas dated 1929, signed lower left. This work features the sea and festivities with flags; themes dear to this painter, considered to be one of the most important French artists of the 20th century.

Brother of Raoul Dufy, Jean Dufy (1888-1964), although attached to the Fauvist movement, also followed his own inspiration to give life to a work marked by subtlety where the concern for detail predominates, as is the case for "Promenade au bois de Boulogne", oil on canvas signed, dated 1928 lower right (sold for 34130€ - lot 171). Introduced to pictorial art by his brother, he shares with him certain artistic choices, including the predominance of blue in his compositions; even if for Jean, the concern for proportions and the multitude of characters often represented give his paintings a very particular intensity.

The tempera on cardboard "The Blue Mountains from the Caucasian Studies Series" by Nicolas Constantinovich ROERICH (St. Petersburg 1874 - Naggar 1947) aroused great interest among international collectors. It fetched €169420 (lot 83) out of an estimated €20/30000. It came from the former Hélène Roerich collection, the collection of the composer and conductor Riisager and a private collection in Nice. This painting comes from the series of Caucasian Studies made in 1913 by Roerich during his trip to the North Caucasus in Kislovodsk after the success of the Rite of Spring in Paris where he met Riisager. The painter was then interested in the origins of the Ossetian people whose ancestors, the Alans, had settled in this mountainous region.

Also represented in this sale, Maurice de Vlaminck (1876-1958) moved away from the mid-1900s from Fauvism - of which he was nevertheless considered one of the leaders - and from the painting of Van Gogh, whom he deeply admired, to move towards an openly darker style under the influence of Cézanne's work, Under the influence of Cézanne's work, he moved towards an overtly darker style, the apparently recurring element of which seems to be tormented skies, as illustrated by this "Landscape", oil on canvas signed lower left (sold for €28350 - lot 117).

A renowned sculptor, César (1921-1998) belongs to the New Realist movement. An artistic movement that opposes abstract painting and advocates a return to objective reality. Compressions, expansions, human imprints or imaginary animals, César experiments and dares everything. A self-confessed autodidact, the artist, who initially turned to metal -stone was not in his means at the time-, is now exhibited in the world's greatest museums. Here he offers us a marble print signed "Pouce, 1965" which fetched 44550€ - lot 152.

An adept of surrealism, Roberto Matta (1911-2002) is the author, like Salvador Dali or Kay Sage, of deeply dreamlike works. His paintings sometimes seem to emerge from a mist that is as diffuse as it is mysterious, as shown by this "Composition", oil on canvas signed lower right circa 1972, which fetched 26350€ - lot 190

The oil on canvas "Paysage de la Creuse, circa 1912" by Armand Guillaumin (1841-1927) (lot 173), and the oil on canvas signed lower left "Pont neuf à Paris, 1931" (lot 156) were also priced at €42700. Robert Combas, born in 1957, was particularly honoured with the acrylic on canvas countersigned on canvas "Untitled, 1982" (sold for €38300 - lot 231) and the acrylic on canvas signed "Paysage aquatique, 92" (sold for €33885 - lot 229). All these pieces and many others were offered at this sale, which included works from the Impressionists to the contemporaries, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and tapestries.

Bernard BUFFET Marée basse

Bernard BUFFET (1928-1999) - Marée basse, 1967

Sold : 174445€

Marie LAURENCIN Les trois femmes au lévrier

Marie LAURENCIN (1883-1956) - Les trois femmes au lévrier

Sold : 97900€

ROERICH Les montagnes bleues de la série des études caucasiennes

Nicolas Constantinovitch ROERICH (Saint-Pétersbourg 1874 - Naggar 1947) - Les montagnes bleues de la série des études caucasiennes

Sold : 169420€

Raoul DUFY Régates à Cowes

Raoul DUFY (1877-1953) - Régates à Cowes, 1929

Sold : 102900€


CÉSAR (1921-1998) - Pouce, 1965

Sold : 44550€

Jean DUFY Promenade au bois de Boulogne

Jean DUFY (1888-1964) - Promenade au bois de Boulogne, 1928

Sold : 34130€

Maurice VLAMINCK Paysage

Maurice VLAMINCK (1876-1958) - Paysage

Sold : 28350€

Roberto MATTA Composition

Roberto MATTA (1911-2002) - Composition, circa 1972

Sold : 26350€

Louis VALTAT Pont neuf à Paris

Louis VALTAT (1869-1952) - Pont neuf à Paris, 1931

Sold : 37650€

Armand GUILLAUMIN Paysage de la Creuse

Armand GUILLAUMIN (1841-1927) - Paysage de la Creuse, Circa 1912

Sold : 42700€

Robert COMBAS Sans titre

Robert COMBAS, né en 1957 - Sans titre, 1982

Sold : 38300€

This end of year sale was one of the most prestigious we have organised to date.

As usual and confirming our positioning as a specialist in diamonds and coloured stones, we proposed a large choice of diamonds going from 1 carat to more than 5 carats with in particular a cushion diamond of 5,61 carats colour I clarity VS2 (sold 65900€ - lot 86), a 5,63 carats E colour SI1 clarity navette diamond (sold 82850€ on an estimate of 35/45000€ - lot 176), a 4,02 carat G colour VS2 clarity round diamond (sold 47700€ - lot 175) and a very rare 1,01 carat Fancy Green colour pear diamond (sold 59000€ - lot 159).

Edouard De Garo - Expert

Solitaire 5.63 cts

White gold solitaire set with a marquise-shaped diamond weighing 5,63 carats

Sold : 82850€

Diamant Fancy Green

Exceptional and rare fancy green pear diamond weighing 1,01 carat set in white gold with brilliant cut diamonds

Sold : 59000€

Diamant 5.61 cts

Antique cushion cut diamond weighing 5,61 carats mounted on a white gold ring

Sold : 65900€

Solitaire 4.02 cts

Large yellow gold solitaire holding a brilliant cut diamond weighing 4,02 carats in G colour and VS2 clarity

Sold : 47700€

Diamant 3.06 cts

Superb emerald cut diamond weighing 3,06 carats in G colour and VVS1 clarity mounted on a white gold ring

Sold : 37150€

Vacheron Constantin Montre dame

VACHERON CONSTANTIN - Superb lady's watch in white gold, the dial set with 8/8 diamonds, the modernist bezel set with baguette diamonds totalling approx. 6 cts, mechanical movement (working), original gold bracelet with a signed clasp set with an 8/8 diamond - Signed, numbered - Circa 1970

Sold : 24500€

Cartier Collier ruban

CARTIER Paris - Collection « Ruban résille »

Elegant yellow gold twisted wire necklace with flexible mesh, enhanced by 79 brilliant-cut diamonds set in platinum for a total of approximately 6,50 carats - Circa 1976 - Signed Cartier Paris - Numbered Signed Cartier Paris, numbered

Sold : 23500€

Jean MAHIE Collier

JEAN MAHIE - Large textured 22K yellow gold necklace, the long chain organically worked, holding a carved and signed pendant - French work, circa 1970

Sold : 17450€

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