Press release - Results of the auctions Easter 2016


A mirage IIIE raises 106700€

182000€ for a rare vase of Gallé


Squadron of the Ardennes

Dassault Aviation aircraft interceptor any time pre-strategic nuclear penetration aid, conventional assault and air defence, equipped with a CYRANO II CSF shooting radar, doppler radar and navigation computer.

First flight on 5 April 1961, entered into service on 14 April 1964.

Scope of 8,22 meters for a length of 15 meters and a height of 4,45 meters. The aircraft weighing 13700 kg on take-off, equipped with a 6080 daN SNECMA Atar 9C reactor with post combustion, could reach Mach 2.10 to 11000 metres (1400 km/h at low altitude), had a ceiling of 16000 metres, it took off for 1800 metres and landed for 1200 metres and could be equipped with a high altitude SEPR 44 rocket.

This Mirage III E n°530 was assigned to the squadron of the Ardennes. It bears the emblem, as well as its number. Aircraft decommissioned after 6,000 flying hours, sold without a reactor, weapons or any other sensitive material. Device disassembled, ready for transport and static reassembly.

Expert : Madame Perry -
Sold : 106 700 €

Emile GALLE Vase Roses de France

Émile GALLÉ (1846-1904)

Exceptional and rare VASE "ROSES DE FRANCE" (circa 1900) of balustrine shape with quadrilobé collar in pale green multilayered glass. Decorated with application of a rose branch, the branch in purple green, almond-green, beige-pink and light green leaves, the flower with high relief bright pink and transparent, applied hot, fully sculpted to the wheel and wheel as well as the leaves.

The decoration stands out on a pale green background, partly translucent and engraved with a wheel. Japanese signature GALLÉ engraved at the point on the flank under the rose. Height: 14 cm

Only very few models of identical vases, less than a dozen, were probably executed by the Master Glassmaker, hence the exceptional and rare character.

Bibliography : Victor Arwas, Glass art nouveau to art deco, London, Academy editions, 1977, p.77 ; Tom Newark, Emile Gallé, Courbevoie, Edition Soline, 1990, p. 13 ; Ray et Lee Grover, Carved and decorated european art glass, Charles E. Tuttle company, 1970, p. 173 ; Victor Arwas, Art nouveau the french aesthetic, London, Andreas Papadakis publisher, 2002, p. 475, Gallé, catalogue d'exposition, Paris, Musée du Luxembourg, 1985, à rapprocher du modèle p. 149

Sold : 182 000 €


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