Press release - Auctions August 2019

François Xavier & Claude LALANNE
François Xavier & Claude LALANNE
Main de Roman, 1993

Besch Cannes Auction celebrates its 30th anniversary

ANNIVERSARY SALE 1989-2019 - 30 years of passion and prestige sales

Les lalanne back on the Croisette

Also featured: An important panel carved in high relief «La Femme à la harpe» attributed to Ivan MESTROVIC (1883-1962). RODIN described him as «the greatest sculptor of all time».

Les Lalanne Main de Roman

François-Xavier LALANNE (1927-2008) and Claude LALANNE (1925-2019)

Main de Roman, 1993

Bronze signed and numbered EA3/4

9,8 x 15 x 10 cm

Origin : Private collection from Gallery Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand

Estimate : 28 000/35 000 €

After the sale of Fine Wines and Rare Spirits on July 20, Jean-Pierre Besch invites us, on August 15, to his traditional summer rendezvous "From Impressionists to Contemporaries" with a remarkable bronze piece by Lalanne.

Claude (1925-2019) and François-Xavier Lalanne (1927-2008) are world-renowned for their beauty and originality, and have been able to form a united couple for more than fifty years, both personally and professionally. A complementarity thanks to which they have created pieces of very beautiful bills that arouse a strong interest among international amateurs and collectors.

If François-Xavier did not hide his inclination for the animal world, Claude choose to give his preference to plants. A mixture of genres that have allowed beautiful creations to emerge, such as the "Roman Hand", signed and numbered bronze EA3/4, dated 1993.

Let us remain in the plants with a nature morte “Anémone, 1907” by Édouard Vuillard (1868-1940), a theme to which this intimate painter, witness of the sweetness of everyday life, is interested from his formative years. Also post-impressionist, Pierre Eugène Montézin (1874-1946) was influenced by Claude Monet. Favouring country landscapes, he also enjoys “crunching” the lives of his contemporaries as shown by the “Manège”, oil on canvas signed on the bottom left.

Belonging to the realistic movement, Henri Fantin-Latour (1836-1904) was, from an early age, initiated to painting by his father, himself a talented painter. A training that he completes by attending the Beaux-Arts as well as the workshop of Gustave Courbet. His fine and delicate brush stroke, as well as the choice of his colours, always respectful of the subject, made the poet and literary critic Gustave Kahn say that he is “the link between today’s painters and romantic painting”. So it is with his «Baigneuses», oil on canvas signed "Fantin" in the bottom right.

Lovers of landscape representations, Charles Camoin (1879-1965) and Armand Guillaumin (1841-1927) are present thanks respectively to “Saint-Tropez le bout du Port, 1950”, oil on canvas signed on the bottom right and oil on canvas “The village of Saint Sauves” which testifies to the artist’s attachment to his country and in particular to the Auvergne which he visited at the end of the 19th century.

Student of Charles Lhuillier, Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) here directs a «Arlequin à la Lyre», a gouache and watercolour signed at the bottom right. Both impressionist and fauvist, he then evolves to a cubism of Cézanne style and remains, still today, an artist particularly sought after by collectors.

In a very different style, Félix Labisse (1905-1982) surrealist painter, like Dali, explores the boundaries of the fantastic. Anchored in a dreamlike style that belongs only to him, he is the author of canvases from which often emerges a central character such as "L'encloueur de Moulin", oil on canvas signed on the bottom left, countersigned, dated 1954 and titled on the back. Henri Martin (1860-1943), Raoul Dufy (1877-1953), Francis Picabia (1879-1953), Jean-Gabriel Domergue (1889-1962), Moïse Kisling (1891-1953), André Lhote (1885-1962), Felix Labisse (1905-1982), Pierre Soulages (born 1919), François Stahly (1911-2006) or Bruno Romeda (1933-2017) will, among others, complete this part.

The furniture Art Deco and glassware from 1900's will also be in the spotlight in Cannes with large signatures such as the Master glassmaker René LALIQUE (1860-1945) who put his talent and creativity at the service of pieces such as vases, candlesticks, clocks, in a traditional style but also more original works, such as this rare bottle «Bouchon cassis» with barrel-shaped body and small collar with brown/orange enamelled bands. A piece signed by the artist. Let us also mention Emile GALLE (1846-1904) with a multi-layered glass vase decorated with crocus inlay in shades of violin and pink with filigree background on a bulbous pedestal. Another major piece, an important panel sculpted in high relief «La Femme à la Harpe» in a block of wood of a single panel by or after Ivan MESTROVIC (1883-1962), internationally renowned artist whose Rodin will tell of him that he is “the greatest sculptor of all time”.

It is all these works and many others that BESCH CANNES AUCTION will present on Thursday 15 August 2019 at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes. An appointment that will be preceded, on Wednesday, August 14, by a sale of Fine Wines & Rare Spirits, with notably a set of 6 bottles of the Domaine Leroy and followed, on Friday, August 16 by a sale of important jewelry, signed & artists'jewels, diamonds, coloured stones and modern & vintage watches (and branded pens).

August Wednesday 14 at 10.30 am then 2 pm : FINE WINES & RARE SPIRITS

Expert : Pascal Kuzniewski - - Tel :

Partial exhibition in the Hôtel Martinez in Cannes Wednesday August 14 from 10 am till 10.30 am

6 bouteilles Domaine Leroy

6 bottles of Domaine Leroy

Estimate : 28 000 €

Caisse Bordeaux Primeurs 2004

Wooden box of Bordeaux Primeurs 2004 of 12 bottles

Estimate : 6 500 €

Press release of the auction of Fine Wines & Rare Spirits in a separate article


Expert : Marc Lallement - Expert CNES - 40 Rue Auguste Comte - 69002 Lyon - Tel : 00 33 6 07 03 25 27

Exhibitions in the Hôtel Martinez in Cannes : August Tuesday 13 from 4 pm till 7 pm - August Wednesday 14 from 10 am till 7 pm - August Thursday 15 from 10 am till 12.30

Ivan Mestrovic Femme à la harpe

Attributed to Ivan MESTROVIC (1883-1962)

La Femme à la harpe

Large panel carved in high relief in a single block of wood - 170 x 55 cm

Our panel is identical to 2 known variants: Woman with a harp: high relief in white marble located in the ionic portico of the museum villa designed in Split, Croatia. Musée National d'Art Moderne de Paris: Bronze panel 198 x 71, 5 cm Bronze panel, order of the French state directly to the artist in 1932, inventory number JP87S. Exhibition ""Modernités plurielles"" center Georges Pompidou.

Is our panel identical to these two works the preparatory work of these two pieces? The size of this one is powerful and strong, it has many similarities with other panels in high relief carved wood of I Mestrovic that will mark the European and American career of this sculptor. Rodin called him "the greatest sculptor of all time".

Estimate : 25 000/30 000 €

IVAN MESTROVIC (1883-1962) is a major sculptor of 20th century art history, he is also a politician and a writer. He studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. This romantic artist is first influenced by Michelangelo. From 1908 he was a pupil of Rodin and frequented Bourdelle. His work first related to the secessionist and then expressionist style is essentially composed of figurative sculptures in direct marble or wood sizes. He composed various monumental pieces for Zagreb, Paris and Chicago. In Split, in 1931, he designed with the architects Harold Bilinic and Lavoslav Horvat a neoclassical villa decorated with mythological characters "woman with a harp", the latter reproducing one of the panels located on the ionic portico of the villa.

Expert : Marc Lallement

Raoul Dufy Arlequin à la lyre

Raoul DUFY (1877-1953)

Arlequin à la Lyre

Gouache and watercolour signed on the bottom right - 64 x 48 cm - Bibliography: Fanny Guillon Laffaille, Raoul Dufy, catalogue raisonné des Aquarelles, gouaches et pastels - Volume II, No. 1664, p. 218

Estimate : 40 000/45 000 €

Edouard Vuillard Anémones

Édouard VUILLARD (1868-1940)


Glue paint on cardboard fixed on parqueté board - 56,8 x 57,2 cm - Signed E.Vuillard and dated 07 in the bottom right - Executed in 1907 -

Origin : Jos Hessel, Paris (bought from the artist ) / Gaston Bernheim de Villers, Paris / Raphaël Gérard, Paris / Sam Salz, New York / Collection Donald & Jean Stralem, New York / Collection privée, Paris

Exhibitions : New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Summer Loan Exhibition, 1949 / Cleveland, The Cleveland Museum of Art & New York, Museum of Modern Art, Edouard Vuillard, 1954 / New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Summer Loan Exhibition, 1968, lot 235 / New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1990 & 1991

Works: Antoine Salomon & Guy Cogeval, Le Regard innombrable, Catalogue Critique des peintures et pastels, Milan, 2003, Vol II n°VII-498, illustrated in colours p. 788

Estimate : 60 000/70 000 €

Henri Fantin Latour Baigneuses

Henri FANTIN LATOUR (1836-1904)


Oil on canvas signed "Fantin" in bottom right - 50,5 x 61,3 cm

Origin : F Tempelaere / Allard & Noël, Paris / Kapferer, Paris / Hôtel Drouot Paris, 26 juin 1929 n°40 / Émile Laffon, Paris / Hôtel Drouot Paris, 15 mars 1968 n°57 / Antoine Carmoli, Paris / Private Collection, Paris / Family / Private Collection, New Jersey

Bibliography: Madame Fantin-Latour, Catalogue de l'Oeuvre complète de Henri Fantin-Latour, Floury Éditeur, Paris 1911 no. 1580, p.167. We thank the Brame & Lorenceau Gallery for confirming the authenticity of this work. Will be included in the artist’s next catalogue raisonné.

Estimate : 40 000/45 000 €

Montézin Le manège

Pierre Eugène MONTEZIN (1874-1946)

Le manège

Oil on canvas signed bottom left - 54 x 65 cm

Bibliography: In the archives of Mr Cyril Klein Montezin for the catalogue raisonné in preparation

Estimate : 25 000/28 000 €

Moise Kisling Jeune femme a la blouse

Moïse KISLING (1891-1953)

Jeune femme à la blouse, 1947

Oil on canvas signed, dated and located at the top left - 41 x 27 cm

Origin : Sotheby’s London February 2011

Bibliography: A certificate from Jean Kisling, son of the artist, will be given to the purchaser and the painting will be included in Volume IV of the catalogue raisonné

Estimate : 30 000/32 000 €

Armand Guillaumin Village de St Sauves

Armand GUILLAUMIN (1841-1927)

Le village de St Sauves

Oil on canvas signed "Guillaumin" in the bottom left, located "Saint Sauves" and dated February 1900 (on the chassis) - 54,4 x 65,2 cm - Circa 1900

Origin : Marc-Arthur Kohn August 08, 1997, lot 248/ Galerie Vildrac, Paris

This work will be included in volume II of the catalogue raisonné Guillaumin in preparation by the Comité Guillaumin, by Dominique Fabiani, Jacques de la Beraudière and Stéphanie Chardeau-Botteri

Estimate : 35 000/38 000 €

Henri Martin Enfant à la poupée

Henri MARTIN (1860-1943)

Enfant à la poupée

Oil on canvas signed top right - 48.5 x 33.5 cm

Origin : Christie’s Paris, 1st December 2006 (lot 220)

Bibliography: Placed in the archives of the catalogue raisonné in preparation

A certificate from Mr Cyril Martin will be given to the purchaser

Estimate : 16 000/18 000 €

Charles Camoin Saint Tropez le bout du port

Charles CAMOIN (1879-1965)

Saint-Tropez le bout du port, 1950

Oil on canvas signed bottom right - 27 x 46 cm

Origin : Galerie du Perron , Genève/ Galerie Motte, Genève/ Collection Stiebel, New York (1979) / Christie’s, New Yorks 22/02/2005, lot 86/ Private collection Paris

Exhibition: Monticelli Museum Marseille, Charles CAMOIN 2012

Bibliography: Danièle Giraudy, Camoin, his life, his work, Lausanne, 1972, no. 808, cited on p. 219

Took place in the archives of the Camoin Committee

Estimate : 15 000/18 000 €

Francis Picabia L'espagnole

Francis PICABIA (1879-1953)

L'espagnole (Barcelone, avril 1922)

Watercolour and Chinese ink signed on the bottom left and located and dated - 19,9 x 12,8 cm

A certificate from the Picabia Committee will be given to the purchaser

Estimate : 14 000/16 000 €

Domergue Couple Place Pigalle

Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE (1889-1962)

Couple, Place Pigalle

Oil on canvas signed at the bottom left, located and marked on the back - 41 x 33 cm

Estimate : 15 000/16 000 €

André Lhote Nature morte

André LHOTE (1885-1962)

Nature morte

Oil on canvas signed bottom right and signed - 38 x 46 cm

Origin : Willy Michel, photographer/ Sale Blache Versailles 4/12/1977 n°196

Bibliography: This work was placed in the archives of Dominique Bermann-Martin for the catalogue raisonné

Estimate : 18 000/20 000 €

Felix Labisse L'encloueur de moulin

Felix LABISSE (1905-1982)

L'encloueur de Moulin, 1954

Oil on canvas signed on the bottom left, countersigned, dated and titled on the back - 50 x 61 cm

Origin : Private collection Paris

Exhibition: Institut Français, Cologne 1955/ Galerie de France, Pais 1957

Bibliography: Isy Brachot catalogue de l'œuvre peint (1927-1979), n. 282 p. 152 (wrong dimensions)

Estimate : 15 000/18 000 €

Pierre Soulages Eau forte XIV

Pierre SOULAGES (born in 1919)

Eau-forte XIV, 1961

Eau-forte colors on paper Arches-velin signed bottom right - Ed. 70/100

76 x 56 cm - 58,5 x 43 cm

Estimate : 16 000/18 000 €

Pierre Soulages Litho 11

Pierre SOULAGES (born in 1919)

Lithographie n°11, 1963

Colour lithography signed at the bottom right - Ed. 8/65

74,5 x 57 cm - 63 x 50 cm

Estimate : 12 000/14 000 €

Pierre Soulages Litho 27

Pierre SOULAGES (born in 1919)

Lithographie n°27, 1969

Colour lithography signed at the bottom right - Ed. 36/85

79 x 56 cm - 63 x 56 cm

Estimate : 12 000/14 000 €

Francois Stahly L'arbre de vie

François STAHLY (1911-2006)

L'arbre de vie, 1961

Patinated bronze - Signed, cast iron with lost wax - Stamp of the founder with stamp of the founder «Cera Persa Fuse F. Amici Mendrisio»

Height: 250 cm

Origin: Private collection

Estimate : 25 000/30 000 €

Bruno Romeda Cercle

Bruno ROMEDA (1933-2017)

Cercle, 2009

Bronze with green patina, signed and dated at the bottom

Diameter: 200 cm - Height: 216 cm

The current owner acquired this work directly from the artist in 2015 and has never left the family since that day

Estimate : 19 000/22 000 €

Lalique Flacon Bouchon Cassis

René LALIQUE (1860-1945)

RARE BOTTLE "BOUCHON CASSIS" with barrel-shaped body and small collar with brown/orange enamelled bands

Rare bottle model sold directly in Lalique stores, 1920s

Height: 11 cm

Reference: René Lalique’s art, bottles and powder cans by Christie Mayer Lefkowith. D255

Estimate : 12 000/15 000 €

Émile GALLÉ (1846-1904)


Height : 34 cm

Estimate : 15000/18000 €


Expert for jewels : Edouard De Garo - - Tel :

Expert for watches : Olivier Santini - - Tel :

Exhibitions in the Hôtel Martinez in Cannes :

Tuesday 13 August from 4 pm to 7 pm / Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 August from 10 am to 7 pm / Friday 16 August from 10 am to noon

Pendentif or blanc

Important white gold pendant set in the center with a yellow rectangular brilliant cut diamond weighing 3 carats enhanced with a pear diamond and brilliant cut diamonds for a total of about 1.50 carat

Height 2 cm - Width: 1.5 cm

Sold with its white gold chain - Length: 40 cm

Gross weight: 20,68 g (18K - 750/1000)

This pendant comes with a certificate GIA# 6173442254 stating that the diamond is natural Fancy Vivid Yellow color and SI2 purity

Estimate : 65 000/75 000 €

Bague marguerite

Rare, "marguerite" ring in two tone gold set in the center with an oval sapphire weighing 3,84 carats surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds of beautiful quality for a total of about 1,50 carat

TDD: 55

Gross weight: 5.88 g (18K - 750/1000)

This ring comes with a certificate GEMPARIS #20161972854 stating that the sapphire is natural, of Burmese origin (Myanmar), without heat treatment

Estimate : 18 000/28 000 €

Bague diamant jaune

Important white gold ring mounted with a yellow cushion cut diamond cushion weighing 2,10 carats enhanced with a pavement of brilliant cut diamonds of excellent quality for about 0,86 carat

TDD: 53

Gross weight: 5.07 g (18K - 750/1000)

This ring comes with a certificate GIA#1172730596 stating that the diamond is natural color Fancy Intense Yellow of purity VS1

Estimate : 40 000/60 000 €

Demi parure Van Cleef and Arpels

VAN CLEEF & ARPELS : Rare, collection «Corne d’abondance», half set including:

A necklace composed of 3 rows of white pearls, the clasp in yellow gold horn, the fruits represented by amethyst beads, blue agate, chrysoprase, polished coral, foliage set with a polished diamond paving.

Diameter of pearls : between 6,50-6,90 mm - L: 38 cm - Gross weight: 99,94 g

Signed, numbered - Maker's mark Pery & Fils on the clasp holding the pearls. This clasp can be detached from the necklace, a double-shank clip signed and numbered fits to be worn as a brooch: L: 5 x 3, 5 cm - Gross weight: 27.45 g + 3.16 g

A pair of yellow gold earrings decorated with blue agate, polished coral and brilliant cut diamonds. Signed, Numbered. Maker's mark Pery & Fils. Circa 1990. L: 2.10 cm x 1.80 cm - Gross weight: 13.40 g

Estimate : 25 000/30 000 €

Boucles d'oreilles Fred

FRED Paris

Superb pair of "Drop" earrings in yellow gold mounted with navette and brilliant cut diamonds of supposed F/G color and assumed purity VVS/VS for a total of about 3,20 carats each holding a pear diamond one weighing 2,09 carats of colour D and purity VS1 and the other weighing 2,05 carats of colour E and purity VS1 - Signed

Circa: 1984 - Height: 3.9 cm - Gross weight: 9.60 g (18K - 750/1000)

A certificate HRD#190000116027 and HRD#190000116030 comes with these pears

These earrings are listed in the 1984 FRED catalogue under reference X97

Estimate : 20 000/40 000€

Bague Cartier l'affranchi


Collection «Nouvelle Vague», model «l'Affranchi». Volute ring in pink gold decorated with plates of hematites, pink opals, smoky quartz, brilliant cut diamonds. Signed and numbered.

TDD: 52 - Gross weight: 27.8 g

Estimate : 6 500/7 500 €

Daniel Roth Tourbillon


Estimate : Around 25 000 €

Rolex submariner Flat four

ROLEX SUBMARINER 50th anniversary “Flat four”

Estimate : 14 000/15 000 €

Omega Speedmaster

OMEGA SPEEDMASTER 1965 Ref 105.012

Estimate : 7 000/8 000 €

Stylo Montblanc Pierre le grand

PEN MONTBLANC « Pierre Le Grand »

Estimate : 1 200/1 300 €

Jaeger Lecoultre astronomique 1950


Estimate : 3 000/3 500 €

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