Press Release - 2021 Spring auctions - May 15 & 16

Bernard BUFFET (1928-1999)
Bernard BUFFET (1928-1999)
Les ombelles jaunes, 1966

The prestigious auctions of May Saturday 15, organized by Besch Cannes Auction, is again placed under the sign of modernity since there will be works from artists representative of som of the main trends of Modern Art & Contemporary Art with notably Bernard Buffet (1928-1999). Trained according to the greatest Masters (he claims to be from classical artists such as David, Géricault or Courbet), the young man nevertheless quickly prints to his work a style unlike any other. Shades of grey or brightly coloured canvases such as these «Yellow Umbels», oil on canvas signed and dated 1966, all his creations are always marked by deep black lines ; assertive lines that generally form the deliberately angular contours of his subjects. It is a way for the artist to accentuate its features, thus giving his compositions a dark and sometimes mysterious side that immediately ranks him among the most famous representatives of the expressionist current.

On one of my school books, I caught lightning as soon as it appeared. I had to finish drawing their zigzags on the page before the thunder broke out. Thus, I conjured the lightning», confided many years later, Hans Hartung (1904-1989). A game that undoubtedly contributed to make the child that he was, the major representative of abstract art that we know. Striated with black and sometimes one or more other colours, his compositions evoke the speed of the movement that saw them born. Quick, nervous gestures, like the lines left on his school books, by the child who defied lightning. “My childish flashes had, I am sure, an influence on my artistic development, on my way of painting.” So many testimonies of this immense artist, author of a unique method called «calculated spontaneity» and which will make of him the precursor of the Action painting, as shown in this «T1977-R39», acrylic on wood signed and dated at the bottom left and for which a certificate from the Hartung-Bergman Foundation will be given to the purchaser.

Considered one of the most famous French painters, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) belongs to the Impressionist current; a current born in the second half of the nineteenth century and which favors subjects taken from everyday life (as many testimonies of this time). A movement that encourages painters to leave their workshops to practice their art outdoors. Preferring, for his part the portrait, Renoir nevertheless shares this approach of the pictorial art, which allows him to give a great freshness to his canvases and to infuse to his subjects a feeling of life; what shows this «Head of child», whose blondness and delicate features reflect softness. An oil on canvas signed in the top left «Renoir» and which was exhibited at the Renoir Museum of Cagnes-sur-Mer in the room dedicated to portraits from July 15, 2013 to February 5, 2021.

A contemporary of the Master, Armand Guillaumin (1841-1927) also belonged to the Impressionist movement. Essentially known for his landscapes of the Creuse, the artist, whose talent as a colorist is appreciated by Van Gogh himself, has also made many trips to Auvergne and in particular to Pontgibaud, a village of which he made several reproductions including this oil on canvas titled «Pontgibaud, hamlet of Peschadoire : 8 am, 7 Ber 95».

Other painters and not least, Pierre Eugène Montézin (1874-1946), Louis Valtat (1869-1952), Jean Dufy (1888-1964), Claudius Linossier (1893-1953), Francis Picabia (1879-1953), Claude Venard (1913-1999), Roger Godchaux (1878-1958) will complete the list, among others.

A beautiful set of glassware will also be presented, including a rare bottle from the French master glassmaker and jeweller, René Lalique, renowned for his jewellery creations as well as for his perfume bottles, unique and particularly refined pieces as illustrated in this model "ripe cap, black cap version" It is all these pieces - modern paintings and contemporary art- that Maître Jean-Pierre Besch will present Saturday, May 15 at 2.30 pm at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes during his traditional spring sale.

Auctions that will be followed the next day, Sunday, May 16 at 2pm, by a major sale of diamonds, high jewellery pieces and signed jewels as well as coloured stones, coins and gold bars, prestige watches and collection (Expert Edouard Degaro). And among the most remarkable pieces presented on this occasion, it should be noted an important trembling brooch made of white gold in the shape of a star, the center set with a beautiful sapphire cushion size, probably made in the 1930s; an important pair of earrings and a superb ring, both high jewellery "KAA" made in white gold and signed Boucheron, but also a white gold Pompadour ring set in the centre of a cushion-cut diamond and a rare vintage «Ludo briquettes» bracelet formed by small flexible yellow gold mesh intertwined with each other; one of the emblematic inventions of the Van Cleef & Arpels House whose signature it bears.


Public exhibitions : May Friday 14 from 10.30am till 7pm / May Saturday 15 from 10.30am till 12.30

In the lounges of Hôtel Martinez - 73 Boulevard de la Croisette - 06400 Cannes (Free entrance)

B BUFFET Les ombelles jaunes

Bernard BUFFET (1928-1999) - "Les ombelles jaunes, 1966"

Oil on canvas signed and dated right down, bearing the reference to the back of canvas 41T - 92 x 60 cm

A certificate from Mr Garnier dated 18 May 1973 will be given to the purchaser

Estimate : 130000/170000€


Hans HARTUNG (1904-1989) - "T1977-R39"

Acrylic on wood signed and dated bottom left - Signed, titled and dated on the back of the chassis - 100 x 73 cm

A certificate from the Hartung-Bergman Foundation will be given to the purchaser

Estimate : 80000/90000€


PIERRE-AUGUSTE RENOIR (1847-1919) - "Tête d’enfant"

Oil on canvas (lined) -
Signed at top left “Renoir” - Small restoration - 12,5 X 9,5 cm

Estimate : 40000/60000€

Origin : Private collection of a filmmaker

Bibliography: "Paintings, Pastels and Drawings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir" by Ambroise Vollard, in the 1918 edition, reproduced on p. 133 and p. 152 and in the 1989 edition reproduced as n°1460 and n°1553

A certificate from the Wildenstein Institute of inclusion in the critical catalogue of the painter, drawn up from the François Daulte, Durant-Ruel, Venturi, Vollard and Wildenstein archives, dated 18 October 2005, will be given to the purchaser

This work was exhibited at the Renoir Museum in Cagnes sur Mer in the room devoted to portraits from 15 July 2013 to 5 February 2021. A certificate from Mr Eymeric Pinkowicz, curator of the Museum of Cagnes sur Mer, attesting to this exhibition will be given to the buyer, and stating "this deposit has greatly contributed to the attractiveness of the Renoir Museum renovated in the early 2010s".

Renoir's portraits have always been a growing success, as the Master has always been able to express, through them, the warmth and joy that animated him throughout his life.

"You have to know how to find beauty everywhere, what I like is the rosy skin suggesting a happy circulation" he liked to repeat... this work is the frank representation...

The child's head represented here has returned to the home of its Master for eight years (2013/2021), being exhibited in the portrait room of the Renoir Museum in Cagnes sur mer "Les Colettes", Renoir's last home.


Armand GUILLAUMIN (1841-1927) - "Pontgibaud, hameau de Peschadoire : 8 heures du matin, 7 bre 95"

Oil on canvas signed on the bottom right, located and dated on the back on the chassis - 73 x 92 cm

Origin : Auction Ader-Picard-Tajan, Drouot, December 16,1980, n° 40 Durand-Ruel

Estimate : 40000/45000€

F PICABIA Tour du Théâtre

Francis PICABIA (1879-1953) - "La tour du théâtre, circa 1931"

Watercolor signed in bottom left, titled in top left - 26 x 20 cm - A certificate from the Picabia Committee will be given to the purchaser

Estimate : 35000/40000€

L VALTAT Lac du Bourget

Louis VALTAT (1869-1952) - "Le lac du Bourget, femme assise sur un banc, 1939"

Oil on canvas signed bottom left - 38 x 46 cm

Bibliography : Dr Valtat, Catalogue Raisonné n°2555 Association Louis Valtat, catalogue raisonné

A certificate from Mr Julien Valtat will be given to the purchaser

Estimate : 28000/30000€

J DUFY Brasserie bois Boulogne

Jean DUFY (1888-1964) - "Brasserie au bois de Boulogne"

Watercolor gouache signed lower right - 44 x 59,5 cm

A certificate from Jacques Bailly will be given to the buyer indicating that this work will be reproduced in Volume III of the catalogue raisonné

Estimate : 24000/26000€

PE MONTEZIN Pont des Osmaux

Pierre Eugène MONTEZIN (1874-1946) - "Pont des Osmaux près de Dreux"

Oil on canvas signed bottom right - 60 x 73 cm

Took place in the archives of Monsieur Cyril Klein-Montezin in view of the catalogue raisonné

Estimate : 14000/16000€

C VENARD Modèles atelier

Claude VENARD (1913-1999) - "Modèles dans l’atelier, 1954"

Oil on canvas signed at the bottom in the middle and dated on the back - 48 x 73 cm

Estimate : 10000/12000€

R LALIQUE Rare flacon


Model: ripe cap, black cap version, base and bottle with original coordinates - Signature R. Lalique confirmed - Height : 11,7 cm

Reference : Art of René Lalique, bottles by Christie Mayer Lefkowith page 199

Estimate : 22000/25000€


Roger GODCHAUX (1878-1958) - "Lionne curieuse"

Bronze with brown patina - Signed on the base - Postmark "Susse Frères Editeur Paris" - Lost wax - Old Edition Font - Height : 21 cm

Estimate : 6000/8000€

F PICABIA Danseur castagnettes

Francis PICABIA (1879-1953) - "Le danseur aux castagnettes, circa 1927"

Watercolor signed bottom right - 26 x 20 cm

Bibliography: related work, Picabia, Maria Lluisa Borras (1935) n°575 (1923-27). A certificate from the Picabia Committee will be given to the purchaser

Estimate : 12000/15000€


Claudius LINOSSIER (1893-1953) - Important copperware hammer-mounted vase

Decoration of silver triangles and friezes of cameos on the upper body and the heel on the bottom patinated with fire - Period 1925 - Signed on the background - Height : 28 cm - Diameter : 23 cm

Estimate : 8000/10000€


Hôtel Martinez – 73, Boulevard de la Croisette - 06400 Cannes

Jewel Expert : Edouard De Garo - - Tel : 33(0)6 30 92 15 92

Public exhibitions : May Friday 14 from 10.30am till 7pm / May Saturday 15 from 10.30am till 7pm / May Sunday 16 from 10.30 am till noon

In the lounges of Hôtel Martinez - 73 Boulevard de la Croisette - 06400 Cannes (Free entrance)

Broche trembleuse

Important silver and 9 K gold vintage trembling brooch in the shape of a star, its center set with an important cushion cut sapphire weighing 12,96 cts embellished with gradient european cut diamonds for around 20 cts - Work probably from the 1930’s

This magnificent brooch comes with : a SSEF certifcate stating that the sapphire is from Ceylan with no indication of heat treatment / its box stamped Ingram Warwick Ltd - London

Estimate : 40000/50000€

BOUCHERON Clips oreilles KAA


Important pair of earrings made in white gold, each one symbolizing a python with the eyes in emerald and the body entirely paved with brilliant cut diamonds of excellent quality for a total of approx. 11 cts - Signed and numbered

Estimate : 30000/40000€



Splendid white gold ring representing a python with the eyes in emerald, the body subtly wound to form the shank, entirely paved with brilliant cut diamonds of excellent quality for a total of approx. 6 cts - Signed, numbered

Estimate : 15000/25000€

Bague pompadour 5.01 cts

White gold ring set in the center with a cushion cut diamond weighing 5,01 cts surrounded by 12 brilliant cut diamonds for around 1,20 ct

This ring comes with a GIA certificate stating the diamond is natural Fancy Brown-Yellow colour and SI2 clarity

Estimate : 15000/25000€

VCA Bracelet ludo briquettes

Van Cleef & Arpels

One of VCA most renowned and iconic design, a vintage "Ludo Briquette" bracelet in yellow gold, fully articulated, the folding clasp embelished with five european cut diamonds for about 2,50 cts total and black enamel - Signed, Maker's mark Pery & Fils - Circa 1934 - Adjustable length

Estimate : 6000/10000€

Saphir birman 15.41 cts

Important Burmese sapphire

Rare and important cushion cut sapphire weighing 15,41 cts set in a large platinum surrounded by calibrated baguette diamonds for a total of around 4 cts - This ring comes with a GIA certificate and a GÜBELIN certificate both stating the sapphire is natural from Burma without thermal modification

It scored 90.6 (Superior) out of 100 awarded by the GÜBELIN laboratory

What makes this sapphire exceptional is first of all its important weight of 15,41 cts, associated with a naturally flawless crystalline structure giving the stone a brilliance, balance and brilliance of high quality. Moreover, its Burmese origin, cradle of the most beautiful «Gems» of the world, having dried up its resources, brings it this rarity. All the geological and chemical conditions have been brought together here for nature to create this exceptional crystal

Estimate : 35000/55000€

CARTIER Clip tortue turquoises


Vintage yellow gold "Turtle" brooch, the body embelished with turquoise beads, the eyes set with cabochon sapphires - Signed, numbered, maker's mark SCA - Circa 1950

Estimate : 3000/5000€

CARTIER Clip tortue rubis


Vintage yellow gold "Turtle" brooch, the body embelished with fine quality facetted rubies, the eyes set with cabochon sapphires - Signed, numbered, maker's mark SCA - Circa 1950

Estimate : 3500/5500€

Collier perles fines

Natural pearl strand necklace made of 87 various colors ended by 14K white gold clasp set with two 8/8 diamonds. This necklace comes with : a SSEF certificate stating that the pearls are ranging from 3,35 to 7,80 mm, from seawater origin and natural colors / a box from Masriera v Carreras Barcelona

Estimate : 6000/8000€

CARTIER Montre baignoire

CARTIER - Modèle "Baignoire"

Rare, superb lady's watch, bezel and watch winder in platinum set with a double row of brilliant cut diamonds for a total of approx. 3 cts, roman numerals, original manual winding movement (works), black satin strap Cartier, Cartier original white gold folding clasp - Comes with its pouch

Estimate : 8000/12000€

PATEK PHILIPPE Aquanaute luce


Lady's watch in stainless steel case set with brillant cut diamonds for approx. 1 ct total, black dial, roman numeral, date, quartz mechanism, rubber strap ended with Patek Philippe stainless steel folding clasp - Serviced, all parts are original - Comes with its travel box, papers and certificate of authenticity

Estimate : 20000/30000€



Rare, sterling silver clock with three windows on a marble base representing a romantic medieval scene. The dial in the centre is signed, engraved hands, arabic numerals, supported to the left by a figurine representing a minstrel with his instrument and to the right by a courtisan listening to him. The set made of polychrome enamel remained in a beautiful state of conservation. Case number 249906, caliber RA19" Movement 8 days. The movement has to be restored. All parts of this clock are original.

Circa1925 - Comes with its original red leather case stamped Vacheron Constantin and its archive extract issued by the Heritage Department of Vacheron Constantin

Estimate : 6000/8000€


Maître Jean-Pierre BESCH, Commissaire-priseur habilité SVV n° 2002-034 - Sis Résidence Grand Hôtel - 45, Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes - Tel : 33 (0)4 93 99 22 60 - 33 (0)4 93 99 33 49 - Fax : 33 (0)4 93 99 30 03 - -

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