What happens between the deposit of your jewel and its auction?

Gemstone certification
Gemstone certification

The Jewelry department of Besch Cannes Auction is ranked in the top 5 of independent Voluntary Sales Houses in France, without external shareholders. It has a proven track record of serious work and enjoys a growing number of loyal international buyers of significant purchasing power.

Under the direction of Mr Edouard Degaro, it became one of the leading departments of Besch Cannes Auction, specializing in diamonds and signed jewelry. Indeed, under the impetus of Mr Edouard Degaro, expert and graduate of the title of Graduate Gemologist granted by the prestigious school GIA (Gemological Institute of America), Besch Cannes Auction stands out for the quality of the jewels it offers in its sales, and is rewarded by the results achieved.

Diamant rose et Diamant jaune

An example of this is the sale of a 2,20 carats Fancy Purplish Pink diamond with a total value of 115450€ or the sale of a 9,32 carats Fancy Intense Yellow diamond signed GRAFF for 150600€.

Edouard Degaro : "When you drop off your jewel, you know that we will do our utmost to maximize its chances of achieving the best possible price and this goes through several steps".

  • The appraisal :

Evaluate the weight of the stones and diamonds as well as the quality of the work (the shaping), its origin, its time, its defects and its assets.

La prisée

  • The marks :

Trace, if possible, the origin of the maker’s mark, which can give information on the workshop that made the object, a plus if it leaves the workbench of a prestigious house, but also the guarantee marks that allow to say if the jewel was manufactured in France or abroad.

Les poinçons

  • The network :

Over the years, we forge privileged links with certain prestigious houses, directors/managers of their heritage, the only custodians of archives that can contain the information required to authenticate an object. But also the renowned specialized laboratories with which we collaborate and which allow us to determine an origin, a heat for a colored stone or if a pearl is natural.

Le réseau

  • Cleaning and quality control :

We make it a point of honor to ensure that the jewel (small or large) that we offer for sale is cleaned and brushed for hygiene measures on the one hand, but also sometimes repolished or repaired so that its future owner is fully satisfied.

Nettoyage et contrôle qualité

  • Professional photographs :

We call on a photographer specialized in jewelry, a very special art to master, a choice of first order corresponding to our desire to offer a high level of service to our sellers as well as to our buyers.

Photographies professionnelles

  • The catalogue :

When we set up our catalogues, we try to set up a guideline that will lead the reader on a journey that makes sense from a chronological point of view, but also from a style point of view. It is a very important step for us, it is the realization of a long work that we layer on paper that takes all its meaning to the impression.

Le catalogue

  • The exhibition :

An emblematic place, the Hotel Martinez, is where magic takes shape, where music is composed, this score that we write every 3 months is finally played… We like to create a universe at each of our sales, the exhibitions are structured, elegant, staged, like a vernissage. Each piece makes sense next to another.


To consign your jewelry for our next auction call us at 00.33.(0). or by email at besch@cannesauction.com / expertise@de-garo.com

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