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past auction of12/31/18

12/31/18 Important diamonds, signed jewels, coloured stones, gold coins

past auction of12/30/18

12/30/18 Vente judiciaire sur mandat de l??agrasc

past auction of12/30/18

12/30/18 Modern & vintage watches

past auction of12/30/18

12/30/18 From impressionists to contemporary arts - asian arts ?? decorative arts from the xx°: daum, gallé, lalique

past auction of12/29/18

12/29/18 Fine wines & rare spirits

past auction of12/28/18

12/28/18 Fine wines & rare spirits

past auction of12/27/18

12/27/18 Auction 100% champagne

past auction of11/4/18

11/4/18 Vente aux encheres judiciaire sur mandat de l'agrasc

past auction of11/4/18

11/4/18 Cannes - hotel martinez - exceptional !

past auction of11/3/18

11/3/18 Fine wines & rare spirits

past auction of10/6/18

10/6/18 Charity's vineyard day - 8th wine auction

past auction of8/16/18

8/16/18 Luxury leather goods - fashion accessories

past auction of8/16/18

8/16/18 Modern and vintage watches

past auction of8/16/18

8/16/18 Important jewels signed and artist jewels diamonds coloured stones

past auction of8/15/18

8/15/18 From impressionnists to modern art

past auction of8/14/18

8/14/18 Fine wines & rare spirits

past auction of7/15/18

7/15/18 Important collection of madam x

past auction of7/15/18

7/15/18 Collections & successions - decorative arts - asian art - arts premiers

past auction of7/14/18

7/14/18 Great wines & spirits

past auction of4/12/18

4/12/18 Gold auction on name - after inheritance

past auction of4/2/18

4/2/18 Important diamonds signed jewels natural stones gold coins

past auction of4/1/18

4/1/18 Modern & vintage watches

past auction of4/1/18

4/1/18 Modern art and paintings, decorative arts from the xxth century

past auction of3/31/18

3/31/18 Prestigious wines & rare spirits

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