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Georges ROUAULT 1871-1958
Georges ROUAULT 1871-1958
AGLAË, circa 1940

Like two other female portraits on offer at Cannes, this painting by Georges Rouault came from the artist's descendants. Named Aglaé or Anouchka, these women were portrayed by Rouault during the war, when the painter had to abandon his Paris studio in the rue Martignac and take refuge in his country house in Beaumont-sur-Sarthe, then in Golfe-Juan in June 1940.

Aglaé is a mature work that retains the dramatic power characteristic of the artist's style, with its black contours inherited from the Fauvist years. However, a brighter palette gives the face a new softness, absent from his earlier works, which were marked by the expression of a suffering humanity.

Georges Rouault (1871-1958), Aglaé circa 1940 - Oil on paper laid down on canvas 66.5 cm x 48 cm - Sale Cannes, Besch - 15 August 2023 - Estimated 90000€/110000€ - Sold for 106000€ (including fees)

L'OBJET D'ART - October 2023 page 92 - by Nathalie Mandel

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